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Wi-Fi Combo

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I'm working on moving to a new STM32 platform. We currently have prototyped on the SN8205 platform from murata with success. Now we are moving towards a SN8000 with a STM32F429 MCU. I have been looking at SN8000 WiFi Module with STM Discovery Board and with some help I have managed to get the basic platform up and running, so I can run ex. the GPIO snip and the UART snip.

The next step is to have the SN8000 working, my hope was to test it using the SCAN snip, but I have yet to get it to run.

It seems to die on the "wiced_wifi_scan_networks" call, looking into it it seems to be the "result = wiced_rtos_get_semaphore( &scan_semaphore, SCAN_LONGEST_WAIT_TIME );" line which is, I assume, crashing the STM32.

The connection to the SN8000 module has been checked, double checked and seems to be OK. Has anybody which has connected the SN8000 to a STM32F4xx MCU seen the same? and even better found a solution?



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I just received my custom PCB, it works like a charm. The PCB does not have pull up resistors and STM32F4 MCU and the WiFi module is very close to each other.

My conclusion is that many of the problems experienced, was caused by the use of prototype setup.

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