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Wi-Fi Combo

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Dear Support,

I am facing the following problem.
I would appreciate your help.

There are times when the WPS PBC (Enrollee) cannot connect to the AP (register) properly.
At that time, I found that the Destination Address in (Request,Identity) packet is set to ALL zero with Air-log.
I think this is what causes the WPS connection to fail.

I attached the console log and the air-log files for when the phenomenon occurred.

The environment for the test is as follows.

    Wiced version  => Wiced_006.002.001.0002
    Program            => snip.wps_enrollee
    Wifi Module      => Murata Type1LD
    AP                         => Synology MR2200

[Need Help]
Is there any way to work around this problem ?

Best Regards,

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