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Wi-Fi Combo

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Can I make a system as below? (I'm not an engineer)

Automatic Attendance Check System for School or Factory

- Every Student or labor attach WICED Smart based device on the backside of their smartphone.

- Install WICED Bridge and WLAN AP at each classroom or factory site. Teacher or factory manager has monitoring device.

- Indivisual WICED Smart devices send its ID number when it is connected with WICED Bridge. (WICED Bridge should handle more than hundred WICED Smart devices)

- WICED Bridge gethers ID numbers and sends it to monitoring system via WLAN AP.

- When WICED Smart device disconnected with Bridge, it pairing with smartphone and makes the smartphone send its position address(or with google map capture) with WICED Smart device's ID number to someone(student's parents or teacher) periodically. (for their safety)

* WICED Smart device should be thin, light and has longlife bettery.

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I moved this from the Uniquest forum to the one for WICED Wi-Fi so our apps team can have a look as well.

Based on my assessment of your description, a typical smartphone today already includes Bluetooth capability along with Wi-Fi and the ability to attach to the cloud via a cellular network, so I'm not sure that anything really needs to be attached to the handset.

Existing applications such as ParentVUE/StudentVUE are used to track student's grades/schedule today: ParentVUE and StudentVUE

So it would make sense to add Bleutooth capabilities to an application such as this one to allow automated pairing, then use the Wi-Fi capability onboard the phone both to update the application (both through the school's LAN and over the WAN back to the application servers) and report the student's location.