WICED Studio 6.2.1 has been released...

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WICED Studio 6.2.1


Changes for WICED-SDK 6.2.1


* Applications

* Chip/Platform support

  * Added support for Arrow QuickSilver EVK Platform (Murata 1GC/CYW43907 based).

  * Added support for CYW943455EVB_02 (STM32H+43455) platform with the following features:

    * BSP, peripheral drivers and IO applications based on FreeRTOS

    * Middleware, Network stack and applications based on FreeRTOS and LWIP

  * [4390x WiFi] Fixed issue of XIP mode unable to program large file (>1347584 bytes) in sflash.

  * [STM32F4XX] Added SPI Slave driver support for STM32F4XX platform

  * Support SPI active high chip select signal on STM32 platforms

  * [4390x] Added FRAM support in 4390x sflash driver.

  * [CY8CKIT_062] Updated Wiced CapSense Code to be Consistent to ES100 PDL and PSoC Creator generated CapSense files.

* Libraries, Protocols, Drivers

  * [WICED pro 4390x] Enhancements to WICED audio and Apollo libraries:

    * audio_render - adjusted late/early audio calculations

    * 8021as/ascu - adjustments to wiced_time_read_8021as()

    * Apollo - Enhanced to use BT embedded firmware by default on CYW20706A2 with CYW943907WAE4 platforms

    * Apollo streamer - Added statistics and refined timestamping strategy

    * audio_render - Improved silence insertion strategy

    * Apollo - Changes to support IP multicast in addition to RMC

    * Enabled support for TLS advanced security curves in AVS

    * Added playback sample rate above 48kHz to CS47L24 codec

    * Fixed playback state reporting to AVS library

  * Gedday enhancements and fixes:

    * Fixed DHCP thread stack corruption related to IPv6 AUTO IP

    * Added fixes in Gedday for WICED to discover MDNS services

    * Fixed MDNS record TTL values as per the RFC

    * Remove PTR record and add cache flush bit for the records in MDNS update service advertisement sent during add/remove pairing

  * Enchancements and fixes to HomeKit library:

    * Added Secure WAC and Software Authentication support for IP and BLE transport. This is a preview version.

    * Added support for uint64 and double data formats for HomeKit characteristic values

    * Improved error handlings in HomeKit iCloud request processing

    * Added fixes for HomeKit certification test case failures - TCC014, TCC028, TCH044.

    * Removed "AUTO_IP_ENABLED" flag from the HomeKit library

  * [WICED pro 4390x] Bluetooth audio hybrid mode support

  * [CYW9MCU7X9N364] Gateway app cleanup

  * [all WiFi] Upgraded mbedtls stack to version 2.6.0

  * BLE WiFi Introducer app cleanup

  * [all WiFi] Enhancements to FreeRTOS/LwIP:

    * Upgraded to LwIP 2.0.3

    * Modified auto IP handling in LwIP stack to pass BCT

    * Added websocket library

  * [all WiFi] Fixed enterprise security issue where WICED failed to associate to IAS server in PEAP

  * [all WiFi] Verified enterprise security support with FreeRadius and IAS servers over EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS and PEAPv0; including 802.11r and Fast Roaming

  * [CYW94343x] Modified Bluetooth firmware with CoEx and throughput improvement fixes

  * [all WiFi] BESL - Integrated uECC functions for ECC cipher operations in BESL instead of mbedTLS ECC for performance driven applications (can be configured by the application to pick uECC or mbedTLS-ECC)

  * [all WiFi] Added support for AWS Greengrass connectivity. Unified AWS library for AWS IoT Cloud/Greengrass Core connections.

  * [all WiFi] Upgraded cJSON library

  * [4390x] Integrated hardware crypto engine with BESL/mbedtls - TLS funtionality on 4390x shall use hw crypto library by default

  * [all WiFi] Enhancements and stability fixes to SSDP library

  * Added OTA_SUPPORT flag in platform_config.h to enable OTA Support

  * [all WiFi] Resolved memory leaks during long haul enterprise security join-leave tests

  * [all WiFi] Added support to configure multiple certificate & key pairs for BESL TLS based servers

  * [all WiFi] Added API to DNS library to provide a list of all resolved IP addresses

  * [all WiFi] BESL - Improved TLS handshake timing for DHE cipher suite

  * [CYW943907WAE4] Added support for Bluetooth Low Power Mode (LPM)

  * Stability fixes to BTEWICED host stack including pairing fixes as central keyboard

  * [all WiFi] Resolved stability issues with AMQP library

  * [all WiFi] Incorporated Coverity fixes to several WICED components - supplicant, BESL, WiFi mesh, HTTP2, Gedday, WWD, Platform BSP drivers, MQTT, BTEWICED stack, AWS, OTA2, WICED Audio and WICED HCI BT library

  * New WLAN firmware ( added for 43364/43438/4343W platforms.

    * Various Coverity fixes

    * Coex fix for LE Connection getting lost with UDP Tx Traffic

    * Enhanced Krack fix

  * New WLAN firmware ( added for 4390x/54907 platforms

    * Fix Codenomicon test issues

    * Fix CYW954097AEVAL1F 11AC certification test 5.2.27 issue

    * Fix for low TCP Tx/Rx throughput with ACL

    * Synchronize phy watchdog to data flow to avoid packet loss

    * Fix Wiced errors setting up softap channel in 5G band

  * New WLAN firmware ( added for 43362 platforms

* Infrastructure

  * Upgraded toolchain to GCC 7.2.1

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Not able to install it on linux-64.

I'm sure I have enough free space, but it keep shows below dialog.

2018-06-02 09-57-00 的螢幕擷圖.png


I've seen this issue before.  Here's one example: WICED Studio 5.1 Install on Windows 7: Not enough free disk space , but I think there are others as well.

Please post a new discussion here: WICED Studio Wi-Fi/Combo Forums​ and someone from the AE team will help you debug the install.


mifo wrote:

Please post a new discussion here: WICED Studio Wi-Fi/Combo Forums and someone from the AE team will help you debug the install.

I just posted new discussion with some of my comments. Hope to get the fix soon.


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Level 5
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When can we see Ariplay 2 support?

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Cannot install WICED Studio 6.2.

My username contains a language specific character ("ö") which is not accepted by the installer. Is there a way to change the user path? Changing the installation path does not work.


PS: I am not willing to create a new user on my PC just for WICED work.


Not sure, but perhaps this workaround will resolve the special character issue: Install problems related to white space in path - WICED Studio 5.x

If not, please post a new discussion here: WICED Studio Wi-Fi/Combo Forums and someone from the AE team will help you debug the install.