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I installed the WICED IDE 2.4.0 for Mac some months ago, and used it briefly.

Today, I opened it and the Project Explorer pane was empty. There was no ReadMe showing. There are no targets - all the panels are devoid of useful content.

How can I repopulate the Projects and Targets panels with those which are present when the software is first installed and run? (I know I could re-install the software, but I would lose any changes I may have made).

Where are the Targets stored - do these correspond to some entity in the file system, or to a line in a configuration file?

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In the File menu there should be an option to "Import".

Select General->Existing Projects into Workspace.

Browse to the root directory of the Wiced-SDK and select OK.

There should be a project available to import. If not let me know and I may be able to provide you replacement project files.

In the root directory of the SDK there should be ".project" and ".cproject" files. These are Eclipse files that store all the project details including Make Targets

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