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In WICED 5.2, in the file 43xxx_Wi-Fi/WICED/platform/MCU/wiced_dct_internal_common.c,

shouldn't lines 616 - 621 be inside the previous #if - #endif block?

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Sorry for not giving the entire explanation earlier.

CRC is included in header(platform_dct_header_t) in SDK version prior to Wiced 3.6.3. After SDK 3.7.0, CRC is moved to version (platform_dct_version_t) section. So all the recent versions have CRC in version. Hence the macro DCT_BOOTLOADER_CRC_IS_IN_HEADER is not defined in the current version. Hence the variable curr_dct will always be declared. Consequently the other part of the code you are pointing will also work.

One more point, if we compare the function wiced_dct_finish_new_dct() in wiced_dct_internal_common.c and wiced_dct_external_common.c file, it appears that curr_dct should not be declared in the #if - #endif block. (I will discuss this internally and update you if we incorporate this change)

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