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Wi-Fi Combo

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Beside WICED, I find there is another WHD​ project for WiFi develop. After some investigation, I find it's lighter and simpler than WICED (for IoT design, the WICED project is a bit heavier for me).

But from CY's stuff's answer below the closed issue of the WHD project on github, I noticed there may have a limited chips support by WHD for now and in the future.

So, I wonder if there is a clear roadmap for WHD? Will it support the all the comming WiFI chips from CY?Or it will only support some selectively? This will influence our choice of the WiFi driver, stick to WICED, or go to the lighter WHD.


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WHD is the underlying driver used for all of our ModusToolbox SDKs. It will continue to be well supported across our radio/PSoC 6 portfolio.

As such, all new RTOS based development will leverage WHD.

WWD used within WICED will remain maintenance mode and new non-Cypress MCU implementations will be evaluated on a case by case basis and move to that vendors development tool environment using WHD as the driver.

Please reach out to your local Cypress sales team for details as we cannot publish detailed roadmaps here on the community, only high level guidance as I've provided above.

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