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Wi-Fi Combo

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Hi guys,

This may be a trivial question, but I had trouble to find how to rebuild the WICED 3.3.1 itself. I want to make a modification where I redirect the host_network_process_ethernet_data call through my code. Say, I want to blink a LED when a packet is received, regardless of it purpose.


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Could you elaborate more regarding what you are trying to look for ?

Since host_network_process_ethernet_data is for platforms that support ethernet interface. Not sure if you would want to use this with couple of platforms that we support presently.



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Thanks for the replay vik86,

Say that I want to sniff all the Ethernet packets that files around the air. For instance, I want to build a gadget that tells how many people have left the wi-fi open in a plane. Mobile phones are sending wi-fi packets over the air from time to time, event if they are not connected.

Therefore, where would be the best place where I could hook a routine to read all the MAC addresses? It seems to me that host_network_process_ethernet_data is the entry point for all Ethernet packets that gets into the stack. I've also seen the wwd_wifi_enable_monitor_mode where you could also provide a callback routine that does exactly what I want. But if I'm doing this, I'll be unable to have other connections, like the cloud.

If my approach is wrong, please point me to the right road.