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Wi-Fi Combo


Its standard practice at my company to have a "boot-up" app run diagnostics on a system before jumping to the main App located at a higher ROM address.  We have a wiced app proted to uVelocity that works with a BCM43362 when the wiced App is the first thing executed on start up, meaning, the app is at the base ROM address for the processor. (STM32F415).  When we run the boot-up app first, and then jump to the wiced app, which is linked to a higher memory address, the wiced app is unable to communicated over SDIO with the BCM43362.

Has anyone linked their wiced app to a higher address and had it work?  We are trying to make sure that there is not some memory locality dependancy hidden somehwere in the wiced libraries.

We did verify that is was not a case of the boot-up app leaving RAM in a bad or unclean state, as we reset the whole internal RAM to 0s before running main in our wiced APP.

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