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Wi-Fi Combo

New Contributor II

We have two problems occurring.

  • case 1
    • Installing WICED Studio takes a long time to install on a specific PC.
      (It took more than an hour.)
  • case 2
    • Full build takes more than 2 hours to complete.

I tried it on some PCs and found that Windows10(1709)

and Core i5-8500 (Coffee Lake-S), It appears to be occurring in combination.

Does anyone know how to solve problems with this combination?

※ Attached file is the result of trial.

1 Solution

The numbers that you are mentioning seems really high to me. I am using a WIN 10 build 1607, 2.30 GHz, 8 GB RAM PC and has never faced this kind of issue or have not heard others face this kind of issue as well. You can try debugging through the installation log located in your Appdata folder but it seems to me a machine specific issue to me which have been previously unknown to us.

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