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TCP Client

This example uses one ACKme eval board and the ACKme 'WiConnect' serial API.

WiConnect sits on top of WICED and in this example demonstrates how to use the WiConnect TCP client command to download a webpage.

The first step is to establish a TCP connection to the webserver on port 80 using the tcp_client command. Then, the stream_write command is used to send an HTTP GET request. Finally, the stream_poll and stream_read commands are used to check for a response from the server, and to read the webpage.

While this is a perfectly good example of how to use the WiConnect TCP client, if you plan to use HTTP to transfer data around, why not use the in-built HTTP library? The HTTP libary provides ready-made HTTP functions including http_get and http_post.

The full article with commands can be found here: ACKme | How does WiConnect offer TCP client capability?

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