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USB superspeed peripherals Forum Discussions

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USB superspeed peripherals
Hi I have to implement a composite super speed USB device on an FX3 that combines a SlaveFifo function (similar to the slfifoasync example) with a vir... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Hello, I'm writing a code on DFU  for FX3,then I got stuck with a process named DETACH-ATTACH sequence, what is DETACH-ATTCAH sequence and how to impl... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Hello, I have bought the book and CYUSB3KIT-003, but I can't find the example software projects that the book is referring to. Where could I find file... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Dear All,   We are using CYUSB3KIT-003 development kit and we want to add file system (FAT) to the device. So that it will detect as device when we co... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Cypress专家你好 我正在使用贵公司的Cyusb3014这款产品,目前已经熟悉了基本的开发环境,开发流程,阅读了贵公司提供的FX3相关文档中的大部分。SDK、驱动等都已安装。 我目前希望在我的FX3设备实现如下两个功能,这两个功能希望同时实现,且彼此之间互不干扰 1. FX3与FPGA连接,即使... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals

Can any one give me some steps on how to write DFU for FX3 ?

USB superspeed peripherals
Working with two FX3's in a back to back configuration, and I am wondering if I am missing something. When I push a buffer from Master->Slave, the cor... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
I am using CYUSB2014-BZXC microcontroller and configured the microcontroller to boot from SPI Flash with usb fallback. When I program the device RAM ,... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
I did the GPIF interface test through "SlaveFifoSync" Example Code. The DMA size of FX3 was set to 16384 and the count was set to 6. The FPGA sent 163... Show More
USB superspeed peripherals
Hi, I have a question about EZ-USB® GX3™ Hardware Design Guidelines file. I'm reading the document, and I have found this:   I have searched the EEPR... Show More
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USB superspeed peripherals

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