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USB superspeed peripherals

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Our customers are considering booting an FPGA using FX3S.

In order to download FPGA configuration data from the SD card, the FX3S requires an SD card I / F and SPI(master).

Looking at the FX3S data sheet, it appears that we need to use S1-Port to configure the SD SPI.

In that case, is it necessary to select CYUSB3035 which has 2 Strage ports?

Best Regards,

Naoaki Morimoto

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Hi Morimoto-san,

Thank you for waiting and thank you for clarify the situation.

As a conclusion, you are possible to use CYUSB3031/3033 on this situation.

As you know, CYUSB3031/3033 has only 1 S-Port. S0-Port is available whereas S1-Port is not available.

But, Serial Peripherals(UART/SPI/I2S) is available on CYUSB3031/3033.

It means that irrespective of whether S1-Port is available or not, Low Speed Peripherals (GPIO [53] - [57]) can use (VIO4 Power Domain is available).


On scenario 1, it can achieve without any changes as big picture.

On scenario 2, because S1-Port is not available, SD card cannot connect to S1-Port SDIOs. Kindly connect to S0-Port SDIOs instead.

Also, SPI block is not in the S1-Port block. These are two independent blocks.


Best regards,

Hirotaka Takayama

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