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USB superspeed peripherals

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I'm trying to use the synchronous ADmux boot option to send my firmware to configure FX3(from example AN76405).


I encounter 2 problems while configuring FX3:


1) I am able to send the firmware,but FX3 does not work.I print the PP_DMA_XFER value and i see that the DMA_ERROR bit is set.I send a second time the firmware to FX3(without powered up),the DMA_ERROR bit is cleared.


2)Then i can discover my application and start it but it does not work as expected.I can see on the scope that flagA goes  low immediately after the firmware was send(for  the second time) .Printing debugs from the application i see that  bit 22 from CY_U3P_PIB_GPIF_STATUS_ADDRESS is set(see gpif_regs.h).This Indicates that INGRESS_DATA register is full.


+to 1) Why may i send the firmware twice before the application starts? Is there a soulution to send the firmware only one time without dma error?


+to 2) Is that the result that i have send the firmware for a second time?


BTW:when i reset FX3 (hard or soft reset)  i can not access any register.


Thanks in advance.



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When you load the firmware using USB Boot (on FX3 DVK or your own board), do you see the same issue with the Flag? Or is it only with the SynC ADMux Boot?




- Madhu Sudhan

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Hello Mr. Shudan,


Thanks for your reply.


Loading the Fimware using USB Boot on Fx3 DVK or my own board works well.


The problem appears only with Sync Admux. It seems that, after sending the firmware and fx3 starts the application, the communication between fx3  interface and fpga does not works.


BTW: the interface is designed  as GPIF2 sync_SlaveFIFO.Has that any relevance with the boot mode used?


​Can you help for this issue?Is there some sets to do in the application?


Please it is urgent!!


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,