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USB low-full-high speed peripherals

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 Hello -


Using PSoC Creator 2.2; PSoC 5LP device (CY8C5868L), and I'm trying to get our USB information to display within Windows Device Manager.


Within PSoC Creator; the USBFS -> USBUART component, I changed the Device Descriptor to our USB ID (0x2923) and changed the Product ID (0x501).


In the String Descriptor tab; I changed the strings from Cypress information to our company / product descriptions, and saved / applied.


When I rebuilt the project, and when the device first appeared under "Other" in the Device Manager, it showed as the product name I gave it.  However, when I point it to the driver, after it installs, it renames to "Cypress USB UART".


I can't find where I'm supposed to change this (I manually changed the USBUART_1_cdc.inf file to include my company information, but that didn't change how Device Manager enumerated it).


I tried uninstalling the driver, re-building the project, and then connecting again, and same result, it first identifies as I want it to, but after the driver installs, it re-names to Cypress USB USART.


There must be a setting or step that I am missing, and appreciate any assistance in getting this resolved.



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        Ok, so I think I figured it out, at least I got it to work once. I manually changed the .inf file (again, it seems it didn't save). Uninstalled the driver from the Windows side and removed files. Disconnected / reconnected the device, and when it couldn't find the driver, I pointed it to my modified .inf file and it installed correctly. Hopefully this holds, but doesn't make sense why PSoC Creator made the correct changed to the Vendor ID and Product ID, but didn't make the corrections to the Descriptor strings (even though I changed them in the USBFS configuration). Jason   
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@jb_smith75..........I couldn't understand how you solved your problem.......


Was re-installing the driver the only thing that worked OR did you made any more changes in the .inf file?