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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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i need to interface an image sensor to p port of fx3s and storing values from p port to s0 port of the fx3s....i am using gpif 2 interface in the p port attached to this case.and for storing valus to the s0 port i am using cygpiftostorage example (attached to this case).i am confused about outgoing mailbox register and incoming mailbox register ????how they are related to p port and s port in this example??i have gone through cypress fx3 api but still not clarified..please help me regarding this?i wanted to know how these mailbox works with respect to p port and s0 port???CyU3PMboxRead and CyU3PMboxwrite??can i use these register without using p port??can i use only one register to take the values from p port??which register i need to use to get the values from p port??please help me...thank you....

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