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USB Superspeed Peripherals

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    I create a fpga design to write data to fx3 based on AN65974 (Slave fifo).


    IN my Firmware, I use the function as follows- CyU3PGpifSocketConfigure(0, CY_FX_PRODUCER_PPORT_SOCKET, 6, CyFalse, 1);meawhile flagA have been configured as DMA_ready , flagB be configured as DMA_watermark.


    I am able to transfer for a very short amount of time before Flag B remains Low = Buffer Full. oscilloscope both flags go low when the buffer is full but only flag A goes back up to show that the buffer is Not Full. Why does the signal not go back up?


    I also used this implementation- CyU3PGpifSocketConfigure(0, CY_FX_PRODUCER_PPORT_SOCKET, 0, CyFalse, 0);When changing the watermark value from 6 to 0 I had no issues and flag B matched up with flag A .



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We have the same problem. Seems to us that there needs to be transfers one last time even when flag B is low - only then it will return to high. Indicates that this interface only works by workarounds.