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USB Low-Full-High Speed Peripherals

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I would like to develop a firmware for our application. I am manipulating the bulk loop example code. One modification I need is to run the device in high speed mode(our device is fx2lp and is high speed capable). I modified the code this way:


There is a function named HighSpeedCapable(). I manipulated the code in such a way that it always returns true. but when I download the iic file on my device and open the cy console, I notice that the maximum packet size for endpoints is set to 64. I guess in the dscr.a51 file, the descriptor for full speed mode containts maximum packet size 64 and the device dscr table for high speed mode containts the value 1024. So what is wrong with that? does it mean it is not running in high speed mode though I have set the return vaule of HighSpeedCapable function to true?


I have another question : when I want to use the assembly directive " org (($ / 2) +1) * 2"  i get the error : bad relocatable expression. what is the problem?



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