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USB Low-Full-High Speed Peripherals

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There is a function of    "Supports mode page 5 for BIOS boot support" on CY7C68300C.   
I don't really know what is it?   
It means that can boot cd(I connect it to dvd drive)on BIOS?   
Because I have a issue on another USB bridge chip:   
USB bridge chipuse on a ATA DVD Drive.There ia s bootable CD on Drive.   
When I cold start PC,display show "press any key boot from cd"-->it is normal.   
But There will be no message "press any key boot from cd" when I restart from windows(warm start).   
If "Supports mode page 5 for BIOS boot support" function of CY7C68300C can avoid   
this issue?   
Thank you   
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