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USB Low-Full-High Speed Peripherals

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Hi all,  I cannot find the effective way to flush the data in the IN endpoint of Cy68013a.


I set the EP2IN: bulk mode, 512byte x 4. Everytime I want to read the incoming data, I have to read out the remain 2k byte data in the endpoint first. Is there any to flush the remain data?  So I can get the data I want without reading the first 2k byte data.

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I am so sorry that I have not noted that the answer on this website:


here is the related answer to this question, I hope it will help you all.



How to reset/flush the endpoint FIFO buffer of FX2LP?

        Last Updated: 12/19/2008


 Q) How to reset/flush the endpoint FIFO buffer of FX2LP?

A) Endpoint buffer can be flushed using the register FIFORESET. Write 0x80 to this register to NAK all transfers from the host, then write 0x02, 0x04, 0x06, or 0x08 to reset an individual endpoint FIFO (i.e., to restore endpoint FIFO flags and byte counts to their default states), then write 0x00 to restore normal operation.