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Digital inputs in industrial automation - Module 2

Digital inputs in industrial automation - Module 2

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This is​ Module 2 of "Digital inputs in industrial automation" training series.

- Module 1: Digital I/O applications in industrial automation;

- Module 2: Digital inputs in industrial automation;

- Module 3: Digital outputs in industrial automation; 

In this Module 2 we will cover digital I/O in industrial automation and take a deep dive into digital input ICs, including how they can be optimized to obtain the best performance and reliability of a digital input application.

Watch this training to:

- Get an overview on the digital input application in the industrial automation field;

- Understand how digital input signals are processed;

- Get to know how to optimize the application in terms of power consumption, diagnostics and useful features to make the application more reliable and safe;

- ​Become familiar with the Infineon solutions offered.

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