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New Contributor

Hi, Infineon / Cypress people,,

I read on  your web about your products for Sent (SAE J2716).  (Infineon KP275 for example)

We have a problem that might be solved with your help:


The application is an add-on to accelerator pedal position sensors in newer cars. We have used this method in thousands of cars, where they use analog signalling. Some new cars use SENT and we are looking for a way to solve that problem. We need to listen to the data, multiply values with values between 0 and 1. Today we use an 8-bit number where 0 is 0 and 1 is 255.

Looking forward to some kind of comment on this. We estimate an increasing demand in this and coming years ahead.

We are developing and selling equipment for a special type of car in Sweden where the car speed must be limited, for use by people from age 15 and up, Those cars have become very popular.

Best regards,

Rolf Loh

development engineer 


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