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The Infineon/Cypress AutoFlashUtility documentation:

Infineon site (Rev E):

Cypress site (Rev F):


indicates that it will work with MiniProg4 (CY8CKIT-005), and the same utility also appears to work with the built-in debug of the Starter Kit (CYTVII-B-E-1M-SK).  Is the built-in USB debug interface on the starter kit using the same chipset as the MiniProg4, or is it something different?  

Meanwhile, the software tools related to MiniProg4 appear to be for the PSoC product family, not Traveo II.  Is the only tool that works with Traveo II and the MiniProg4 this AutoFlashUtility?  Or, do any of the other Cypress tools also work (documentation just not updated to indicate as such), such as Cypress Programmer 2.0?

Will the MiniProg4 also work as ARM SWD / CMSIS-DAP debugger interface for Traveo II target (similar to USB built-in debug on the Traveo II starter kit) and integrate with IAR Embedded Workshop as a CMSIS-DAP debugger?


Finally, regarding the Traveo 2 Starter Kit (CYTVII-B-E-1M-SK), an earlier Solution (Jan 2021):

references  "Traveo™ II TVII_Starter_Kit_SW_2.0.0” - but the link in the solution no longer appears to be active (redirects to site, and cannot find this starter kit software there).  Is this demo project now integrated into the Traveo II SDL package instead?  Otherwise, where can this "Starter Kit SW 2.0.0" software be downloaded now?

Thank you!

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Hi Bitbob,

Yes, Miniprog 4 and the built-in debugger of starter kit (CYTVII-B-E-1M-SK) are very similar. You can use either of them to work with IAR workbench in CMSIS-DAP_SWD debugger mode. It is recommended to use I-Jet with IAR workbench for fully supported tri-core debugging but as for starter kit which has two cores, miniprog4 and built-in debugger would be totally fine. 

For Traveo II, Auto Flash Utility is used for programming MCUs. Cypress Programmer 2.0 can not be used, neither with Miniprog 4 nor with built-in debugger of starter kit. 

Unfortunately,  the demo projects of Traveo II are in SDL package now and it requires permission to download it. 


Best Regards,


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