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Studio Bluetooth

Hi, do the wiced sdk support dual handsfree SLC connections? The use case is that a headset can be connected to two phones at the same time.

Studio Bluetooth
Hello, I am evaluating the CYBT343026 module and  have a question. I tried to send I2S data using BLE notification, but I2S data is unable to get from... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi,   I found this post in the forum about issues with scan response packages: Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello! I'm using the CYBT-343026-01 module and I've been having problems with the  packetization modes of CYSPP. (I'm sending messages via BT and reci... Show More
Studio Bluetooth


Studio Bluetooth
Hi, I have a question about "user_data" parameter in interrupt handler.In the prototype of wiced_hal_gpio_register_pin_for_interrupt() API, 3'rd param... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hi, I am running the A2DP sink example on CYBT-343026-EVAL board. I play a 48kHz (sample rate) test audio file from a Pixel 4A android device. The osc... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello All,      I was trying to implement a new use case in which audio data has to be processed by codec DSP. so with SPI  I am trying to read audio ... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
i used the API of "wiced_hal_write_nvram" for write to nvram about 132byte. but, sometimes it is fail with 0x004 error code. my code is as below.   by... Show More
Studio Bluetooth
Hello!I'm new to bT domain and I'm based in France & would like some assistance to choose the perfect Cypress module for my application.   My use case... Show More
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