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Good day,

My query relates to the programming of a CYBT-353027-EVAL during development and subsequent programming during production.

At present to program a hex file on to the CYPRESS CYBT-353027-02 Bluetooth on the module we are using:

WICED Module Programmer which is in the zip file

This was obtained from Infineon's knowledge base here:

I have searched for other sources of the programmer with Infineon and Cypress websites but do not find it within any SW download pages.

My questions are:

1) Is WICED_MOD_Prog_v1.5.19.102 the correct tool I should be using? It clearly works but seems obscure to find.
2) Is WICED_MOD_Prog_v1.5.19.102 deprecated, as it seems to only appear in the knowledge base thread and nowhere else within SW download pages, as one might expect if it was a 'mainstream' piece of SW.

Our end goal is to have SW that we can give to our board manufacturer for them to use to program the CYPRESS CYBT-353027-02 Bluetooth module with firmware (hex file) we supply.

kinds regards,


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1) WICED_MOD_Prog_v1.5.19.102 is the correct tool. It is the module programmer alongside the EZ-Serial platform and used to be found here. Currently, the website is under transformation. The content is changing.

2) WICED_MOD_Prog_v1.5.19.102 is not deprecated. If new versions are released, the KBA will be updated accordingly. But it's not the only way to program the module. The key to program a WICED module is the ChipLoad.exe tool. See the links below for more information:

Best regards

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