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Hello Cypress,

I am designing a device for my client who wants the device name of each device to be 'unique enough' so that if there are a few of the same device within pairing range, they will appear unique relative to the others. I would like to have each device randomly generate and append two hex values (1 byte) to the end of their advertised device name, like so:


Ideally I would like to generate a random device address using the Make Target command "BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS=random", and then use the last byte of that generated address and append it to the device name that gets advertised, but I can not figure out how to do it. The most similar question I found to mine is here, but I could not understand what is going on here either: CYBT-423028-02 (CYW20719) device name and address . Could someone please walk me through achieving this device name formatting?


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Hi MiCh_2098196​,

I will consider you are working with CYW20719 device.

So you can generate a random number using functions available in /20719-B1_Bluetooth/include/20719/hal/wiced_hal_rand.h. The advertisement data is set using a function, for ex. hello_sensor_set_advertisement_data() in your project .c file. Here you can pass the desired device name and the required number instead of only device name.

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