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Studio Bluetooth

New Contributor II


Module: CYBT-413034-02

Wiced Studio: 6.4 with MFi

iPad: iPad mini 4, iOS 13.6.1

Sample source: \20719-B1_Bluetooth\apps\demo\apple_mfi\hci_iap2_spp


LocalName, ExternalAccessoryProtocolName in hci_iap2.c

My experience

Most of cases, Pairing and connection was made well at first time.

But "Reconnection" is issue, most of reconnection try was failed. Or connected for 10~15 seconds and then disconnected.

I also prepare iOS log but I cannot tell appropriate log in console.(Please let me know if you need)

How to recover

When the error happen, I remove the pairing from iPad list, then made connect it was working well.

Snoop log was made with BTSpy.

Reproduce Steps

1. Search and make a connection in iPad settings(bluetooth).

Connection was made in Settings and iPad app connected

(Log 1.pairing_connect_in_app)

2. disconnect from App

(Log 2.disconnect_in_app)

3. disconnect bt connection in iPad settings(bluetooth)

(Log 3.disconnect_in_settgins)

4. Try to connect again in iPad settings(bluetooth)

(Log 4.reconnect_try)

We also have another Bluetooth module(CSR, One of our company's product) and it connect & reconnect well with same iPad and app.

Please review log and provide a solution.

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