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Recently, we setup language translation capabilities here on the Broadcom Community, so I wanted to take a minute to explain how to leverage this feature during your day to day interactions with the Community.

Essentially, we installed a Multi-Language Content plugin on the platform which will allow the seamless translation of native Community platform content into nearly 20 languages.  To ensure a quality translation experience, the plugin we use leverages the Microsoft Language Translation Engine on the backend to handle things like language translation, semantics, and training (i.e. teaching/configuring the tool the correct translation when something is found to be incorrect).

Note that this translation capability only includes the translation of content native to the Community platform, such as User Interface Items, Forum Discussions, Announcements, Help Articles, etc.

Unfortunately, the plugin cannot translate actual documentation such as Datasheets, AppNotes, Schematics, etc.

In order to use this feature, you will first need to edit your Preferences so that your preferred language is recognized when logging into the Broadcom Community.

Step 1 - Once logged into the Community, select Preferences from the pull-down menu located beneath your username in the upper right-hand corner of the browser:


Step 2 - Once you land on the Preferences page, scroll down till you see the Language pull-down.  Here, you want to select your preferred language.  For this example, I have selected Spanish.


Once selected, you will notice that all of the user interface items convert to the language you just selected (for example, from English to Spanish per below)


Step 3 - You will now want to verify that this functionality works. Since most of the content on the community site is created in English, you can go to any Forum Discussion or Help Article to test.

For example, let's look at this one that was recently created in English within the BLE forum: blecm_setTxPowerInADV not working in SDK 2.1.1

Note that while my User Interface items appear in Spanish (my preferred language selected in Step 2 above), the post itself appears to me in English.


To translate this to Spanish (the language I configured in Preferences), I would simply click the "TRANSLATE PAGE TO: ES" checkbox shown below (red arrow):


To return to the previous language (the one which the document was created in), simply uncheck the same box.

If you want to test this out using a document created in a language other than English, I created something in Spanish that you can use for testing here: test pokeshot

For those of you that are wondering how this plugin works with other Language preferences, such as those defined within your browser, here's a quick rundown of the precedence/priority defined within the Community platform:

  1. User preference (described above). If not available or not set, then priority 2.
  2. User's browser language. If that specific language is not available on the Community platform, then priority 3.
  3. Community platform default language. If this is not possible for some reason, then priority 4.
  4. English.

If you run into any issues setting this up, or run into problems with the translation of material on the site, please feel free to respond to this thread and I will look into the issue then respond.

Thanks again for your participation in the Broadcom community and your continued interest in our products and services.


Broadcom Community Manager

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