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As you can see the title, I wish to use the Bluetooth peripheral operation method based on the WICED Wi-Fi platform as I understand that currently the WICED Wi-Fi platform only support the Bluetooth Central method, and therefore in order to use the Bluetooth peripheral method, we have to integrate the BCM20732 chipset with the WICED Wi-Fi platform, but there are some of issues for us, firstly the BCM20732 chipset did not support the Bluetooth EDR feature for scanning BD_ADDR information for various clients device, secondly we could not available to update the BCM20732 module's firmware through WICED Wi-Fi OTA procedure.


Would you please help me about that? or you have a plan to support the Bluetooth peripheral method into the WICED Wi-Fi platform?

Thank you for your kindly response for my consideration.

Best Regards



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Hello Aji


Our timeframe is ASAP^^, and therefore we are using the BCM20723 module for the Bluetooth peripheral method temporally instead of BCM20705 module, but this solution is not so good, because there are issues regarding the OTA upgrade through WICED Wi-Fi and Bluetooth classic supportability.


Thank you




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