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Smart Bluetooth

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Hi everybody,

I'm using P_UART for communication between the Broadcom BLE module and our MCU.

My UART handler function is called by setting puart_rxCb to a function pointer of my handler.

Latency is quite high, but data is received from UART by the BLE module and sent via Bluetooth to an app. To reduce latency, I was trying to remove ble_trace* functions from the code, but it just stops working.

All calls to ble_trace* are enclosed in #ifdef BT_BLE_TRACING - if I undefine it, it stops working. Does this interfere with an internal define used by the Broadcom SDK?

Should I switch to SPI for lower latency? We're designing a new hardware revision just now, it might be a good time for this.

I'm using SDK 2.2.1.

Best regards

Hannes Baumgart

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