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Smart Bluetooth

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Often, user's are interested in installing the latest SDK for both WICED Wi-Fi and Smart/BLE while maintaining the previous versions of both SDKs.

As a result, we have a user that was kind enough to document the process and provide the results of his research to the community.

Some background: he had initially tried to take the updated SDK (v1.1.0) and plug it into the Eclipse Directory and create a project for only the new SDK.  However, using this approach he was unable to get the setup fully operational and eventually discovered that you could simply install over the prior version as long as you choose a separate directory for the new SDK.

This is the process outlined in the attached document.

Thanks again for the material Frank.

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Thank you for the document.  Quite often it's nice to have more than one version of the SDK installed on the same machine.

A couple additional notes:

1) The SDK requires the 32bit version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  So, if you're running on a 64bit machine, you still need to install the 32bit JRE version.  (At the time of this writing, the latest 32bit JRE is Version 7, Update 51).  Thankfully, the 32bit and 64bit versions of JRE can co-exist on the same 64bit machine.    This information is found elsewhere, but warrants repeating here.   Lastly, the SDK installer clearly states that 32bit is required, but if you're not paying attention, or you forget you're on a 64bit machine, the wording might sneak past you.

2)  Any time you install a new version of the SDK/Eclipse editor, don't forget to Rebuild the Index of the new Project such that you can capitalize on some of the features of the editor.  For example, one neat feature allows you to hold down the Control Key while hovering the mouse over a function name.... then left click on the function name and the editor takes you to its source code.

To rebuild the index:

a) Launch the editor

b) In the Project Explorer pane, right click on the project (i.e. Wiced-SDK)

c) Select Index, then Rebuild.   (a percentage counter will show the progress in the lower right. It takes about 1 minute)

3) Unlike Notes 1 and 2 above, Note 3 only applies to users who've installed multiple versions of the SDK on the same machine:  After installing multiple versions of the SDK and viewing their WorkSpaces, the Eclipse editor conveniently remembers which workspaces you've visited in the past, and shows them when you select File | Switch Workspace in the future.

Items unique to a workspace (.e.g. search results, symbol lookup information, etc) are stored in a .metadata subdirectory of the specific workspace it's owned by.

When visiting a new workspace for the the first time, you are prompted to drill down into the directory structure for the new workspace.  It is easy to select the wrong directory where the .metadata information lives.   When this happens and you launch the SDK/Eclipse against that workspace, you are greeted with a seemingly "Blank" display with graphical icons on it and text at the top that states:  "Welcome to the Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers".

To solve this:

When using the File | Switch Workspace | Other and browsing to a newly installed Workspace, make sure to pick the directory that is "one up" from where you see the .metadata subdirectory.

* * * Example * * *

a) The example (directory structure) below shows SDK 2.4.1 and SDK 3.0.0 are both installed.

b) Pretend the editor is in the SDK3.0.0 workspace, but the user wants to exit and enter the 2.4.1 workspace.

c) You can see there is a .metadata sub-directory below c:\Broadcom_WICED\WIFI\WICED-SDK-2.4.1  

d) When browsing from the SDK 3.0 workspace to the SDK 2.4.1 workspace via the GUI, you would select the c:\Broadcom_WICED\WIFI\WICED-SDK-2.4.1 directory, not the c:\Broadcom_WICED\WIFI\WICED-SDK-2.4.1\WICED-SDK directory.

Directory of c:\Broadcom_WICED\WIFI

04/01/2014  10:06 AM    <DIR>          .

04/01/2014  10:06 AM    <DIR>          ..

03/07/2014  01:03 AM            66,196 artifacts.xml




03/27/2014  02:29 PM           114,019 uninstall.exe

03/27/2014  02:27 PM    <DIR>          WICED-SDK-2.4.1

03/27/2014  02:31 PM    <DIR>          WICED-SDK-3.0.0

               7 File(s)        292,484 bytes

               9 Dir(s)  213,381,918,720 bytes free

c:\Broadcom_WICED\WIFI>cd WICED*2.4.1


Directory of c:\Broadcom_WICED\WIFI\WICED-SDK-2.4.1

03/27/2014  02:27 PM    <DIR>          .

03/27/2014  02:27 PM    <DIR>          ..

03/02/2014  08:52 PM    <DIR>          .metadata

03/27/2014  02:27 PM    <DIR>          WICED-SDK

               0 File(s)              0 bytes

               4 Dir(s)  213,381,226,496 bytes free