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Dear Sirs,

With the CYW20719B1KUMLG and I am using Serial Flash Download using HCI commands.

As reference I am following the instructions in the document "WICED HCI UART Control Protocol", specially in the chapter 2.6 "HCI Commands and Events During a Serial Flash Download".

However, I have been receiving some replies, that are not described in this document.


According to the document I should send WRITE_RAM commands in the following format: 01 4C FC nn xx xx xx xx yy yy yy …

And get replies as correct execution of the sent command: 04 0E 04 01 4C FC 00

But sometimes I get Hardware Error Events, whose meaning I cannot decode: 04 10 01 00

And along with these errors, I also get Vendor Specific events, whose meaning I cannot decode too: 04 FF 08 1B 04 01 00 00 79 01 00

Is there any other documentation that can help me with that?

Can you help in any other way?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

01 4C FC nn xx xx xx xx yy yy yy …

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Q) Is there any other documentation that can help me with that?

- I am sorry , we don't have any

Q)Can you help in any other way?

1. Could you please confirm if you got correct responses for the previous commands like  HCI_RESET  ,  UPDATE_BAUDRATE  etc?

2. Can you please try recovery procedure before starting the download procedure and try? ( Recovery steps: press & hold recover button, then press & release reset button, then release recover button )

3. In general, for the Hardware error below are the recommendations to try:

The HCI_Hardware_Error_Event is issued when platform specific hardware errors are detected.The following actions are recommended on the reception of specific hardware errors:

Hardware_Code == 0. UART or USB parsing error: The issuing of two consecutive HCI reset commands are required to recover from this error.

Please try the above and let us know if it helps.

You may also try using CyBluetool for sending HCI commands CyBluetool (Windows Installer)



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