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Power Management ICs
Hi all, Regarding the datasheet Fig.36, the breakdown voltage drops when junction temperature is low.Could you please tell me the reason? Best regards... Show More
Power Management ICs
Dear Sir,  If we do not program the address from 0x4001 to 0x402E,  does it will effect the IC movement? Best regards, Lillian  Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi all, Could you tell me the equation to select Rstartup of ICE5xRxxxxAG? Best regards,MS Show More
Power Management ICs
I am developing a solenoid controller board using the TLE92464ED and am having problems getting the chip to stay in mission mode. I have configured th... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi, Can any suggest the Most Popular Analog CCM PFC IC from Infineon. I have external Aux supply to start IC. Power Range - 1KW to 2.4KW. My LLC is IC... Show More
Power Management ICs
Hi Team ,    We wanted Design with IR38164  below requirement Input 12V and Output - 5V   : 15A Typical  and Peak current 25A , Data sheet Mentions  O... Show More
Power Management ICs
Both the TDA38740/25 and TDA38640 datasheets reference an App note about PMBus - AN_2203_PL12_2204_184108: I was able to find an AN2203 - Show More
Power Management ICs
We are in the development phase of a project using the PXM1310 and PXE1110 controller ICs. Up until now we have been using PowerCode to configure the ... Show More
Power Management ICs
For designs requiring more than 40A, can we combine multiple POLs to support higher loads? For example, if we want to provide 100A, can we combine thr... Show More
Power Management ICs
the customer is using the design on the above coolset IC, and has shared problem faced by him: ---------" Input—200-800VDC Output---3 phase AC Output ... Show More
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