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PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Link errors for all Cy components on my project. This project was built with creator 2.2 a long time ago and was good. Copied code to new laptop 2 yea... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Is there a reason - besides conversion time - to limit the maximum number of TMP05 sensors in the chain to 4 or less? could it be like 16? I know the ... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Apologies if there is a solution posted, unable to find via forums or searching online.Cannot open PSOC Creator due to “cyprjmgr has stopped working” ... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
In a PSoC 6 project, I have some shared header files which have sections for the two different cores, enabled or disabled by checking the CY_CPU_CORTE... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hello,I have trouble with PDL 3.1 and BLE example, the CE217639 "Heart Rate Server".I was able to compile and run the example without any issue under ... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
I have 2 Miniprog 3s connected to the same computer and I cannot program 2 chips simultaneously.  At most only one process will finish normally.  I am... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hello CYPRESS Community!So I have been trying to read the RSSI value from the peripheral device using a central device. Once the connection is establi... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Below, the same sentences are written in English and Japanese.・EnglishI want to write a program to write a register by myself without using the API.Wh... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hello @ll,with PSoC Creator 4.2 I managed the MagSense example for 4700S controllers to run on the EVA board CY8KIT-148.But when I try to get our own ... Show More
PSoC™ Creator & Designer
Hello,I am in need of writing some custom code of mine in both files cyfitter.h and cyfitter_cfg.c but every time I build the project, these files get... Show More
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