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I recently purchased the CY8CKIT-024 and CY8CKIT-042 in order to test the capacitive proximity sensing.  I used the PSoC programmer to upload the hex file "Proximity_Distance_042.hex".  I know this works because as a bring my hand closer to the shield the brightness of the LEDs increases.  The guide for the CY8CKIT-024 says I should be able to view the sensor data using the bridge control panel.  I open the "Proximity_Distance.iic" file in the bridge control panel, then I go to chart->variable settings and load the "Proximity_Distance" configuration file.  Then I plug in my PSoC 4 Pioneer kit into the computer via the USB cable.  The bridge control panel automatically detects this and connects to "COM4".  Then I move the cursor to the line I want to run on repeat and nothing happens.  I try connecting to the device through  KitProg instead of "COM4" but when I click Send or Repeat I get "SWD_ReadData() is not supported by this Programmer!".  


Essentially I want to view the capacitive sensor data on my computer with the development kit that should have been plug and play.  Any assistance in getting this working is appreciated.  Thank you.

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Are you using the Kitprog available on CY8CKIT-042 kit as programmer?.Please check whether it is in Mass Storage mode or not.Hold the Reset key for more than 5sec to make it come out of Mass Storage mode in case.