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If you are running on Mac, VMWare Fusion, you may find the PSOC Creator Debug Dialog does not show when you click on the Debug icon when using KitProg.  Clicking anywhere  on the screen does not work. It appears hung.

An easy fix is to unplug the Kitprog and plug it back in.  The dialog will pop in front of PSOC Creator. You can then cancel the debug session.  As the dialog disappears, the Kitprog will show.  Click on the Debug icon again and it will work.

It appears the Dialog Window does not have the OnTop flag set properly (or windows is ignoring it).  This fix saves some headache.

You used to could mark messages as solutions.  oh, well.

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Hi @WaMa_286156,

Thank you for sharing your findings with the community 🙂

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Rakshith M B