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 It looks like this is the place for this kind of comment...


- Easier switching between normal and bootloadable project settings.


I am working with a bootloadable project, but attaching the debugger is a pain, so I switch back to normal for easier debugging. This means I need to delete the Bootloadable component and comment out any code the refers to it, and put it back later. Not the end of the world, but having a way to do this with a single project setting would be nice.


- Multiple cydwr files, only one active at a time


I sometimes want to run code on my hardware then on dev board hardware for certain types of testing. The only way I know to do this is create two projects that share the same code, but have different cydwr files, or modify the file each time. I suppose I could keep copies in the background and rename the one I want to use... It seems not too difficult to have more than one file in the project, but only one "Active."

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PsoC Creator 3.0 offers a nice new feature that can help you... disabling schematic sheets.


Put your bootloadable component on its own sheet and then use the Enable/Disable sheet option to include/exclude it from the build. When you disable it the tool creates a sheetname__DISABLED macro (note the double underscore) that you can then use in C code to turn on/off the bootloader code.


Here is a picture of the disabled sheet and right-click menu.



And some C code.


    // regular project code
    // bootload code


-- Mark.


For your second request, there is no way to do it inside Creator but I did figure out a method.


First, I made a design with a clock driving a pin. The clock was based on the ILO with a divider of 3000. If I set the ILO to 33kHz it runs fast. If I set the ILO to 1kHz it runs slow. Next I put the pin onto either P6.2 or P6.3, both of which have LEDs on the 050 kit. The design behaves differently based on the CYDWR settings.


In a Windows Explorer window I then made a copy of the CYDWR file. Back in Creator I switched the ILO and pin address choices. I now have two DWR files, one that flashes an LED fast and another that flashes a different LED slowly. Outside of Creator I can copy whichever one I want to the "real" file name and the project will build with the new settings.


Note that you need to force the rebuild of the design (PSoC Creator does not appear to detect the edit because that file is usually only edited inside PSoC Creator) by choosing "Clean and Build", not just "Build".


Hope this helps. Thanks for the input - these are good suggestions (even though there are workarounds, we can still use the ideas to make the tool better in future).



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Thanks for the quick feedback, Mark, these are both nice work arounds...


I remember reading something about the disable sheet feature, but have not used it.


The file copy thing for cydwr is not too much trouble...