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My copy of Creator 3.3 lets me cut and paste from Creator code examples to Word. Creator 4.3 allows the same action BUT it blots out the code as though it is being redacted. Would someone tell me what this is called and how to fix it? I attached a Word file with an example of each.

Thank you very much.

Tim Miner

Tim Miner
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I noticed this "feature" too.  Annoying isn't it?!

There are three ways to address this.

Method 1:

  1. Type a single character into Word.
  2. Paste the Creator 4.3 selection into word.
  3. Select the character you placed in 1.
  4. Select "Format Painter" from the Toolbar.
  5. Select the text you pasted in 2.   The Creator text show now be the same format as your character in 1.

Method 2:

  1. Select the "Object/Text from File" on the "Insert" Toolbar.
  2. Find the source file in question.
  3. Select the source file.  The text from the source file should be in the editor.
  4. Edit what you don't want out of your Word doc.

Method 3:

  • Open WordPad.
  • Paste the selection from Creator 4.3 into WordPad.
  • The pasted text doesn't have the text inversion and the 'C' color formatting can be preserved.  However, there's an extra carriage return inserted for every newline.
  • Copy the text in WordPad and paste it into Word.  It will look like it did in WordPad.


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