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I'm pretty new to Cypress PSoC and to Creator. I'm learning how to use it and have done some of the examples.


I have a project that someone else worked on and I'm trying to change the target device so that I can run it on a 5LP development kit. I was able to change the device and clean up a couple errors from the clock module. I'm still getting an error when I build the project regarding the bootloader. 


The error is "pft.M0076: The selected device for the Bootloader and Boatloadable projects must match, but don't. Bootloader is targeting 'CY8C5888FNI-LP210' and bootloadable is targeting 'CY8C5868AXI-LP035'."


I've hunted around a lot for a place where I can change the target for the Bootloader but have not been able to find it.


To be clear I'm trying to change the target device from  CY8C5888FNI-LP210 to CY8C5868AXI-LP035.


Thanks in advance.



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When using a Kit-050LP you do not need a bootloader since on the board is an interface for debugging and programming integrated to.


When you want to use a bootloader you need two projects: the BootLoader project that defines what kind of interface the bootloading process will use (besides a couple of other properties)


And the BootLoadable which will be run. This project strongly depends on the first and the needed connections (files) are specified in the BootLoadable component. So the next step for you to take should be to find the BootLoader project and change the device, too.





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