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PSoC 6

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in the hardware design consideration document page 22 an external NVM is connected to the PSoC and it shows that it is connected to pins P11.7 (clk), P11.2 (cs), P11.6(SI), P11.5 (SO).
When I attempt to connect a SPI device on the PSoC creator on P11 the clk, SI, SO don't go to the same pins in the HW design document. 
PSoC creator 
P11.2 (clk). P11.7 is not enabled for clk on the creator
P11.0 (SI). P11.6 is not enabled for SI on the creator
P11.1 (SO). P11.5 is not enabled for SO on the creator

is that a documentation error and I should follow the PSoC creator?

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Hello Ibrahim,

The document is correct. In order to use SPI connections mentioned in the diagram, you need to place a SMIF component not SPI component. As the connections (and the section) mentioned in page 22 use QSPI's Single SPI interface. And for using 11.6 (SI) and 11.5 (SO), you need to enable SMIF datalines[0:1] in the component customizer.

The SMIF component can be used for Single SPI, Dual SPI, Quad SPI and Octa SPI interfaces.

Let me know if you need further clarifications.


Meenakshi Sundaram R

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