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Hello -

I’ve been using the CY8C6247BZI-D54 in a project for a while.  My code loads/runs/I can debug it (using PSoC Creator) just fine.

We just got new boards in with a new batch of chips.  I can load code over JTAG, but can’t debug (it gives some sort of a timeout error).

I ran across this article (https://community.infineon.com/t5/Knowledge-Base-Articles/Configuring-the-PSoC-6-MCU-Startup-Time-fr...), and thought maybe I could adjust the “listen window” for JTAG connections using a TOC2 header.

NOTE: my current project does NOT have a TOC2 header.

I decided to dump the memory at SFLASH address 0x16007c00, and was surprised to find a TOC2 header there already.  I went back to an old board/device (several old boards), and see that the region is all zeros (as expected).

So, it’s only the new device that seems to have a preprogrammed TOC2 header.  I checked a second board from the new batch, and it has the same.  It also cannot be debugged over JTAG.

I noticed that the part number on the new chips is CY8C6247BZI-D54ES3 (“ES3” suffix).  Is that “Engineering Sample” (datasheet part number guide makes me think that could be it)

I don’t know the source of these chips - given supply chain issues, I suppose it could have come from anywhere.

I tried to ZERO-out the TOC2 section on the new chip, and ended up with a “brick” (no longer executed my code).  The same happened when I corrupted the CRC (in hopes of it using defaults).

Luckily, I was still able to reprogram with JTAG, so after restoring the TOC2 section in SFLASH, the board was recovered (but I still can’t JTAG debug).

NOTE that the TOC2 header that is pre-programmed in these devices has a valid “magic” and CRC, but the “TOC2_FLAGS” value is “0x00000000” (which doesn’t match what the “defaults” are documented to be for this chip, and could explain the inability to debug over JTAG.

Maybe I can write a ‘good’ value there, and it will enable JTAG debug?  I’m worried that I may end up making a brick that can no longer be programmed over JTAG.


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