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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

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I cannot get the beloved psoc 3 (on development board) to receive characters using the uart.  I have tried a million things, including the data sheet application example.   I  can see that the ttl level serial data is coming into the input port line (when I type  characters in a comm program).  (my Lecroy storage scope doesn't miss anything).  I have wired that line to uart rx line .  In a simple program I've said to read the uart :     T= UART_1_GetChar() and then please write T to a control register, so that I can then look at various bits on the scope.  Well, gee, there ain't nuthin'  happening  there.  All this is in a loop, of course.  Any ideas ?  One thing I found in the uart data sheet: 
The rx input carries the input serial data from another device on the serial bus. This signal should be synchronized to the BUS_CLK by enabling Input Synchronized parameter in the related Digital Input Pin component or by using Sync component. This input is visible and must be connected if the Mode parameter is set to RX Only,  Half Duplex, or Full UART (RX + TX).      

Do I need to do this ? How ?   Do I have  to do this simple application using interrupts ?  What are the exact configuration settings for the input bit line that is wired to rx ?   I have been able to output strings to comm program, so the hardware stuff is all ok.



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Best is to upload your complete project so that we all can have a look at all of your settings. To do so, use
Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
and attach the resulting file.


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In the pin properties window check "Input Synchronized"




Regards, Dana.