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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

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Can Analog output pins be routed to any of the VDDio ?


I want 4 x DAC output with the 4V range and need Vddio of 5V on these pins but not on other pins.


My assumption is that I can have 1 of the vdddio pins attached to 5V and the rest to 3.3V so I can have a mix of output levels?


I have looked through several documents but cannot find specific reference to how this is done (or whether it can be done like this).


My system needs Analog DC output from 0 to 2.5V and the DAC only has 1V or 4V option. Though I can use the 4V option with 3.3V supply,I loose resolution of the output by doing this.


I am generating a 0-20mA output signal and want at least 0.1mA resolution. I can achieve this ok with 8 bit if I use almost full range of values. I don't want to use external op amp and gain to translate 0-1V into 0-2.5 V but ok to use simply resistive divider to translate 0-4V into 0-2.5V

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 Sorry guys, I did not look properly,I found the answer on page 8 of the device datasheet. (Explains which groups of IO are assigned to each VDDio)

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 Yes. You can have different supply voltage for different Vddio's. As you said, the page 8 of the device datasheet shows the pins-to-Vddio mapping.

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Picture worth a thousand words.....from TRM