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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

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I'm writing a firmware updater for a small USB device based on the PSoC3 and it's mostly working. The part that I'm having trouble with is getting the current version of the bootloadable on the device. There's only one application and we're using the standard USB bootloader to start it. The issue is that the bootloader and the application have separate USB descriptor tables, so I can't rely on the bcdDevice field when in bootloader mode as that's in the bootloader's descriptors.


Is there a way either fetch the applications USB descriptor tables or update the bootloader's bcdDevice value to reflect the version of the bootloadable currently installed?


Bonus points if it can be done through the bootloader interface, I don't have (direct) access the the PSoC creator software as I'm only working on the host software for the device...

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