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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

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Li-ion batteries are used in a wide range of systems such as cameras, cell phones, electric shavers, and toys. The charging circuit for the batteries can either be an integral part of the system (online charging) or an external plug-in circuit (offline charging). With its wide range of devices, PSoC 3 offers a cost-effective solution in both segments. And with its configurable digital and analog features, PSoC 3 enables implementation of other critical tasks required in the system.


PSoC 3 Implementation


Figure below shows the overall block diagram for implementation of the Li-ion battery charger with a PSoC 3 device. The implementation is broken down into three blocks:

  • Battery parameter measurement
  • Charging algorithm
  • External current control

Additionally, a protection block is provided for additional features related to the battery protection. The external current control can be either linear or switching type of implementation. For more information on each of these blocks and the components used, and detailed information about their implementation using PSoC 3, please refer AN73648 PSoC3 Single Cell Lithium Ion Battery Charger. The application note also provides a PSoC Creator project, which includes a charge display tool and demonstrates Li-ion battery charging.


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