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Hi everyone,


We have a S6SAL211A94SA2001 (Intelligent LED Lighting Starter Kit for BLE Communication) and we are trying to communicate with it through a linux application. So far we have managed to connect to it using bluetoothctl and it used to appear with the name 'Cypress Demo'. Now I want to ask two things:


1. For an unknown reason, it has somehow lost it's name. It advertises itself with it's MAC address but the name has been replaced with the ASCII 0x01 character. How can I set it's name to the original string. It can still be connected with bluetoothctl but not through the android app.


2. What steps should I take to create a linux based application for controlling the leds via bluetooth? As I have already stated that it only connects when we are using bluetoothctl, other tools like gatttool, hcitool, pyblue library of python have all failed to connect to this module. Also, I can see only three characteristics of this module when connected with bluetoothctl. How can I use those characteristics to manually send led controlling instructions to the module?





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Request you to kindly get in touch with the BLE module vendor for BLE protocol support. We can answer questions about our LED driver IC (S6Al211A), but are unfortunately unable to answer questions on the Linux application. 


The way to judge the Cypress kit itself operating correctly :


Please check if S6SAL211A94SA2001 is operating correctly with the Android application by the following operation guide.