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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

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    Recently  i started  working on PSoC 3 (CY8C-001 kit), in the Application Note (AN52705) the project "Point-to-Array Transfer"     (ADC_DMA_Mem) i am able to see the ADC samples in the watch window ,but now using this data (ADC samples) can i see the replica of input wave on the CRO using VDAC8??

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Since your DAC is only 8 bits wide, you should concider sampling 8-bit values only. Additionally you might use a fixed sample rete generated with a timer or PWM.


Re-playing the sampled values with DMA now is easy, just set up your DMA and transfer with the sample-rate from above your data to the VDAC8.


When sampling more than 8 bits (let's say 12) this could be VERY challenging. As you see, only the upper 8 bits can be used and must be transfered to the VDAC8. Thus given the 16 bit Data has to be shifted left for 4 bits and just the upper Byte needs to be transfered.




This can be done with a DataPath programmed to do exactly what you need. But this is not as easy as it sounds. here is something to read or watch to get a glimpse what DataPath is 


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