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PSoC 5, 3 & 1

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I'm searching RF Chip/MCU for RF remote controller with below requirements.   
1. Application: car audio with max 10keys + keyless entry as option   
2. Requirements:   
a. Operating voltage : 3.0V typ (use CR2025 battery)   
b. Must withstand high temperature (90deg C for storage and 80deg C for operation).   
c. Transmission distance minimum 10 meters, use 2.4GHz frequency band.   
d. Because of small PCB space, need small footprint, less surround components,   
prefer one chip/system-on-chip. (separated RF chip and MCU will required extra space.   
e. Low cost... (very strict pricing)   
Any recommendations?   
It will be very helpful if you can provide reference circuit etc...   
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        You can consider the CYRF69103 device for this purpose. The features of this device are   
1. Single chip with both the controller and RF transceiver   
2. 2.4GHz operation   
3. Operates down to 1.8V   
4. 4dBm output power. Should produce upto 50meters range.   
5. CyFi protocol stack available. This will help in easy implementation of a Master / Node network.   
The drawback is that this device is of commercial temperature range and can operate only upto 70 deg C. I am not sure about the pricing. You should be able to get details on pricing from your local Cypress Sales office.   
Hope this helps.   
Best Regards,   
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        Thank you for your advice.   
I will talk about the detail with local distributor.   
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Dear Ganesh,


as you wrote that CyFi protocol stack available for CYRF69103 - I can see only CYFISNPI. But here is CYRF69313 - and it has support for full CYFISNP - but still devices has only 8kB flash, the sample application is only for NODE. For full HUB functionality there is missing some constants CYFISNP_MAX_NODES, some functions has different parametters a.g does not support parametters like CYFISNP_TxDataPend() etc... and this is too small for CYFI application, and ofcourse CYRF69313 has also USBFS user module, but there is exactly no room in flash for 1900 bytes. And it does not include your custom code.


So I don't understand for which application the PRoC could be used if it has small flash memory. It will be nice to have new PRoCs with more flash.


I thound only solution to put dual PSoC (24x94 - one for USB second for CYFI) like on CY3271 CYFI kit ? but there is need to implement internal communication which will also consume flash. Or to shiwtch to PSoC3 - but there is still not official CYFI stack implemented yet. Have you any idea ?