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PSoC 5, 3 & 1




can a PSoC5LP be a LIN master? There is a LIN component, but this seems to be a slave only.


The LIN protocol seems to be relatively slow, e.g. 19200bps. Does anyone have experience with LIN and is willing to share?


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In the mean time I found out that there is a component named LIN USART in some PSoC1 that can be used as a LIN master.


As far as I understood is the problem the main problem the synchronisation gap at the beginning that is longer than a byte sent by the UART so that the UART can not generate this signal. Shouldn´t it be possible to use a AND to combine a control register bit and the UART output to generate this sync gap?


I have to send only one constant packet to make one sensor reply.

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