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Segment LCDs are available in two forms - segment LCD glass and the segment LCD module, which comes with inbuilt driver. Many times, it is difficult to get all the required display features on a LCD module. One possibility is to use a custom LCD glass and an external driver. But this increases the cost of the system. Cypress PSoC chip can do segment LCD glass drive besides executing some other major tasks with its configurable digital/analog hardware and with its 8-bit MCU. It integrates multiple functions of the system within a single chip offering significant BOM savings.


Segment LCD Drive in PSoC 1


PSoC Designer provides SLCD user module (UM) that can directly drive a multiplexed segment LCD. The SLCD UM has the following features:

  • Drives LCD with ½ bias
  • Supports 2, 3, and 4 common LCD
  • 30 150 Hz refresh rate
  • Supports Type A waveform
  • Contrast control Feature

Support for Numeric (7 segment), alphanumeric (14 and 16 segment) and special symbols


SLCD is a firmware based module where the CPU generates the ½ bias waveforms by configuring the pins and associated registers. To time the refresh events, periodic interrupts are generated to the CPU using a timer. This timer is embedded within the module.


SLCD module provides two unique techniques to drive the LCD:


1.     AMUX Drive


2.     GPIO Direct Drive

      Application note AN56384 PSoC1 Segment LCD Direct Drive provides more information on these techniques to drive segment LCDs and explains how to create Segment LCD based PSoC project using PSoC Designer IDE tool.    
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